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WeChat mini program, Website, APP, and social media! All in one! Never been easier! Multi-million dollar China-US partnership development agency. Open a brand new massive market。

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USWX - Proprietary Technology

One CMS, control it all!

Save 200-350% platform management,150-350% development cost,100%-300% server cost!Development is no longer 1-2 years, but matters of weeks! All platform updates together, real time!

Fully customizable

Every mini app is different! Tens of thousands of designs!

World Class CMS

Using world class Microsoft Azure cloud server! Highest end!

Fully responsive

Phone to tablet to PC! All platform and responsive design!

Simplified packages

No hidden fee! Simple package pricing! Encrypted payment methods

We provide FREE online marketing solution! Face to face resolving issues

We help you earn $$$!

USWEIXIN is the only technology development agency that focuses on helping clients maximize ROI! You are buying the future of online marketing, not just a dead platform.

Over 10 years of experience!

We customize the functions you need!

Our clients ranging from beauty, manufacturers, to hotels. Every customer, every business model, we help you make it happen!

  • High speed experience

    Our cloud server is 350-900% faster than average server。 Let your clients experience the fastest, smoothest experience

  • Fully responsive design

    No matter if client uses phone or tablet or PC. Experience is the same, and perfect! 70% of internet users are mobile users as of 2019!

  • Free, latest updates!

    Our company is always one of the first to update our platforms with the latest technologies!

  • 24/7 true customer support

    We have support team in China, in US. We work 24/7 even on weekends!

Never as simple as USWEIXIN!

Development cycle simplified

Companies outside of China arent allowed to register WeChat mini program by themselves! Even WeChat pay is difficult to register! But USWEIXIN have dedicated team to resolve every step of registration process! No other company can offer the same!

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Let us know your platform requirements and functions you have in mind! We provide quote and solution base on that



4-6 weeks, every project is assigned 3-6 members for rapid development. Every progress is in real time, and you can see!


Publication! Start marketing

After prototyping, you can request any changes! We modify for you! 100% satisfaction before release!

Our showcase

Sample Showcase

Didnt see the design you like? Don't worry! Contact us! We have thousands of designs for review!

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Our pricing

Package based pricing

Worried about hidden fees? Don't be afraid! Our pricing is as simple as McDonald's! 95% of our clients uses package pricing for their project!

Normal Mini APP

$ 888 /package
  • Basic CMS
  • Article, Picture and video upload
  • Only for individual and small business
  • Registered IP on WeChat
  • Server in China
  • NO e-commerce allowed
  • NO linking with website and APP

High end mini program

$ 6000 /package
  • Proprietary Technology from USWX
  • Link with website, APP! Real time update
  • Infinite amount of functionalities
  • World-Class CMS for backbone!
  • Server can be anywhere! Can be cloud server!
  • E-Commerce! Accept credit card, WeChat Pay!
  • High end customer service 24/7!
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Free consultation!

We will get back to you 30 seconds to 1 hour on weekends!
US Hotline: 626-677-6013
Email:[email protected] WeChat: harvard1932

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